Friday, November 9, 2007

Take this job and shove it...

Well, absolutely no turning back now. I turned in my notice a few days ago. Thankfully, it went really smoothly, although I did have to sit through a two-hour gap meeting on filling the holes that will be left by my departure. I really didn't think that very much would need to be accomplished before I left, but my boss is looking for me to be "proactive."

So, in the next four weeks I need to complete two presentations for the EPA (done), organize all my files into catagories and save them all on a flash-drive (done), get the modem fixed on the mobile lab (done), and sit-around scratching my ass (done). Now you know why I really wanted to leave this job.

When news got around work that I was leaving, I was a little surprised by the reactions. I was thinking people would be glad that I was going overseas and taking a challenging and exciting job... the exact opposite of where I currently work. Instead, everyone here was a little morose about me leaving. I got a lot of comments ranging from "it's too hot there" to "they're all terrorists." I explained Qatar and the position, but people really weren't too thrilled about it. Either I didn't sell it good enough, or maybe they don't want to think about leaving their jobs.

Generally, the people I work with are nice and very amiable... if not very social. But most of them have seemed to fall into their routines, and do not want anything to change. You get the sense that they just want to stay under the radar, don't do anything that would make them stand out or accept extra responsibilities, and just wait for their pension to mature. You could ask anyone here how much time 'til their retirement, and most will know it to the day. I just can't spend any more days sitting at my desk or in my lab not doing anything of any worth. God I'm bored here.

Just spent a few nice nights with Patricia, who was in town for a conference. Went out and had dinner and drinks at The Gingerman, Poison Girl, Rickshaw, Onion Creek, The Hobbit, Ziggy', and everywhere else that served vegetarian food (her) and had a patio for smokers (both). Had a blast and said our goodbyes today.

No takers on the house, yet. If this thing doesn't rent, I'm gonna have to burn it down for the insurance money. All the little things and nicknacks are packed up and ready to go. Just have the garage and the bathrooms to go. I'm thinking of hiring some day laborers when moving day arrives this time. I figure a hundred bucks and a bucket of chicken is worth saving my back.

Got my tickets to Oregon for mid-December to visit my sister Kim and her family. I've never traveled to the Pacific Northwest, and am dying to see what all the hubbub is about. Hopefully, we'll head to the mountains for a day or so and hit the slopes. Kim's kids are getting a surprise when I arrive... so no hints...


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